20 Scarlett Johansson Hairstyles You Need To Check Out!

1. Subtle Pouf

Scarlett Johansson's light blonde ombre pouf is gorgeous. This is for those who like simple haircuts versus elaborate ones! You seem taller and longer with the minimalist pouf. 

2. Curled Quiff

Boring not in your dictionary? Follow Scarlett's lead and choose this boho hairdo. The whimsical curled quiff will draw attention and may be worn anywhere. 

3. Gelled Bubble Knot

This gelled updo highlights her facial shape and characteristics. Apply gel or mousse to hair and comb back. Gather your hair and tie it in a bubble knot at the nape of your neck.

4. Gelled And Pulled Back

Show off your fresh bob cut with this. This easy-to-replicate haircut highlights Scarlett's characteristics. Use gobs of gel and comb back. Complete the appearance by flicking the ends.

5. Light And Curled

The curls in Scarlett's hair provide volume. By curling the ends, her hair seems fuller. Texture and style are added. Her facial shape suits this appearance.

6. Textured Updo

This hairstyle has waves. It suits Scarlett Johansson. The soft blonde side bangs in the front complement it. Her bangs highlight her eyes.

7. Twisted Updo

A more formal gelled bubble updo. More sleek and tidy. The bubble is vertical with stray hair. Make an impression during a business meeting with this haircut!

8. Loose Top Knot

Short hair? Try Scarlett Johansson's updos. This hairdo is simple. Gather all your hair behind your head and bun it loosely. Then spray your hair. Finished!

9. Classic Heightened Bob

Many women find bobs too playful. Scarlett rocks a bob like a queen! Her layers and black roots define her jawline and provide height.

10. Watered Back Bronde

Tease your front hair to enhance height. Put gel on your hair and comb it back. The lift slims your face and the flipped ends highlight your jawline.

11. Lifted And Back Bob

Those with short hair tend to have the same style. Add minor modifications to mix things up. Lifting the front or layering the ends may distinguish a typical haircut.

12. Heavily Layered Pixie

Get a long-bangs bob. To accentuate your face shape and characteristics, use thick layers and light highlights at the top. This looks like Princess Diana!

13. Highlighted Tips

Highlighting the ends of short, thick hair is another technique to enhance it. Highlights should be natural and understated. To emphasize the highlights, curl your hair lightly.

14. Spiky Bangs

Try this mohawk if you don't like spiky hair. Gel your pixie and brush it up one side to soften it. Brush down your side hair to prevent it from sticking out.

15. Curly Half Updo

 Her bouncy curls highlight her jawline and give her a girl-next-door appeal. The light pouf elevates her hair. Height and curls give her hair volume and bounce.

16. Braided Band

This is another great short haircut for ladies. Scarlett always has amazing hair. A crown braid is used here. Her hair looks trendy without distracting from her features.

17. Side Cut Pixie

Try a fake side cut! Scarlett-ize this look. Apply mousse to your hair, brush the pixie to one side, and comb your side hairs.

18. Slick Pixie

Slick hairstyles are excellent on red carpets! Scarlett Johansson loves her gelled pixie cut. It brilliantly highlights her cheekbones, jawline, and neck.

19. Retro Glam Curls

This hairdo is even more traditional with one side tucked behind her ear. Her hairdo frames her face wonderfully. Curls give her hair volume, structure, and style.

20. Choppy Ended Lob

Layering a lob improves it. Maintain layers midway down and at the ends. Cut them choppy to stand out. Wavy curls provide texture.

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