10 Spot-On Signs You Have An Intense Personality

1. You open up quickly. 

When you meet someone who is willing to listen, you rapidly open up and show your energy. This may be too much for some. This is how you track down your tribe.

2. Your heart is on your sleeves. 

Don't hide your feelings. When asked how you feel, be truthful. You anticipate that others who care about you will listen and comprehend. 

3. You're honest and genuine. 

You are genuine and unafraid of being yourself. You have nothing to be ashamed about. Those who can't take you can leave.

4. You like deep chats.

Ordinary encounters, even hilarious ones, are meaningless to you. To prevent feeling fooled, every encounter must be meaningful and enjoyable.

5. You avoid small conversation.

Small chatter wastes time that could be spent on important discussions, passionate expression, or purposeful action. The enthusiastic person despises idle talk.

6. You don't care what others think.

Their thoughts about you are unimportant. You've learned to accept yourself and to disregard the ill-informed criticisms of others whose expectations you don't meet.

7. Your language is strong.

You consider each syllable and chose your words carefully. If one does not exist, look for one that does.

8. Eye contact is constant. 

Your gaze, like your words, is direct and expressive. Eye contact allows you to interact with the other person, as well as with yourself and their reaction. 

9. You attach to close companions.

Even if you're not talking, you desire to spend as much time as possible with the people you care about. Some describe you as "clingy." In your perspective, your buddies make life better. 

10. You are “moody.” 

You despise being labeled as "moody" for your activities. Your mind might be processing something. You might be depressed as well. The term "moody" is quite limited. Probably true as well.

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