10 Short Super Spunky Shag Hairstyles

1. Red Shaggy Bob

Even though we often want a shaggy cut, it's useful, appealing, and suitable for all hair types. Shaggy haircuts offer structure and volume to fine hair. Try this red shaggy bob for an edgy look.

2. Short And Messy Waves

This hairdo suits all faces. The perfect short wavy haircut provides volume and movement nowadays. This style is simple due of its distinct waves.

3. Pixie Undercut Waves

So you got an undercut without considering that you want long wavy hair? No worries! An undercut doesn't mean you can't be feminine! Try this wavy style to feminineize your edgy undercut.

4. Messy Undercut Curls

Do you have trouble convincing others you're tough? If you answered yes to both questions, you need to attempt these beautiful curls to confound people by looking cute but also giving off a ‘Don't mess with me’ attitude.

5. Straight Edge

This sleek style will make you seem daring and trendy! This style with a beautiful outfit and kohl-rimmed eyes will deter short-hair naysayers.

6. Bed Head Bangs

With bangs and a ‘short hair, don't care’ attitude, this ‘rolled out of bed’ appearance will make you seem elegant and sophisticated.

7. Relaxed Waves

This sleek, wavy appearance is the right mix of business and relaxed. These simple waves take 10 minutes, making them ideal for busy women.

8. Rocker Chic

Admit it—you've always adored rockstars' damp, jagged hair after a performance. Even though you tried, you never got it right.

9. Shaggy Curls

Who can resist those gorgeously curled curls? Instead of using a curling iron, give your hair a naturally textured, sloppy, curly appearance!

10. Pin-Up Curls

 This easy bobby pin trick will give you more defined curls and make everyone assume you went to the salon.

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