Taco Bell Just Brought Back a Fan-Favorite Taco

Tacos. Burrito. Crunchwraps. Nachos — and now nacho fries. Oh, and let us not forget the cinnamon twists. If you frequent Taco Bell, you are familiar with these menu items and your preferred tweaks for each.

You undoubtedly have a mental obituary for menu items that are no longer available but have not been forgotten. RIP, Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. We miss you, Meximelt. You made my life better, Caramel Apple Empanada.

Unlike the McRib, which continues “retiring” only to return the following year, Taco Bell creations are usually removed from the menu permanently.

All of that changed in October 2022, when the Tex-Mex chain asked fans to vote online for 10 days to decide which cuisine would be voted back on the island. After tallying the more than 760,000 votes, the Enchirto edged out the Double Decker Taco by 62 to 38 percent.

The Enchirito is a main dish made of beef, beans, and onions wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with red sauce and melted cheddar cheese. It was last on the menu in 2013, but made a successful return for 14 days last year.

The Double Decker Taco Is Back at Taco Bell.

However, fans of the Double Decker Taco refused to go softly into the night. The two-layer treat—a beef, lettuce, and cheese hard corn taco wrapped within a bean-schmeared flour tortilla—is slated to make a comeback on the menu after fans voiced their opinions online.

The Double Decker first appeared as a limited-time offer in 1995. In June 2006, it became a permanent menu item for the Bell family.

Its extended run concluded in 2019. After finishing second behind the Enchirito in the autumn 2022 poll, fans took to Reddit to let Montgomery and the Taco Bell team know they wanted more Double Decker action.

In May, Taco Bell held a “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Q&A on Reddit. Taylor Montgomery, chief marketing officer for the Irvine, California-based fast food company, answered dozens of questions, including one from Reddit user u/IMissTheDoubleDecker.

After stating that it was their usual fast food order, the Redditor vividly remembered “the day the Double Decker died.” It was a soul-crushing experience that stopped me dead in my tracks. “How could this happen?”

When @TacoBell hinted about retired menu items in its Spotify Wrapped-like year summary, fans took to Instagram, admitting, “I will legit have my wedding at any Taco Bell location if you bring back the double decker taco,” and “Dear Taco Bell Santa, All I want for Christmas is a DOUBLE DECKER TACO! 🌮 From your #1 NICE LIST Taco Bell fan! 😂🤤😉”

Ask and you will receive. Taco Bell management appear to be saying: “The Double Decker Taco has a special place in the hearts of our Taco Bell fans.

“The insane amount of love for this product from fans across our social platforms was impossible to ignore,” Montgomery stated in a press release. “The emotion was especially strong after last year’s heated clash with the Enchirito.

We listened to what our followers wanted and realized we couldn’t keep denying them the joy of the Double Decker Taco.

As of December 5, the Double Decker Taco ($2.99) and Double Decker Supreme with chopped tomatoes and reduced-fat sour cream ($3.69) are back on the menu.

This is a holiday wish come true for all of us who agree with u/IMissTheDoubleDecker. That being said, don’t pass up your opportunity.

Taco Bell’s social media team has now announced that the Double Deckers will be available at participating U.S. locations until December 20.

Don’t worry if you miss your window. We have a replica Double Decker Tacos recipe that can be yours at any time, regardless of how Taco Bell decides to restructure its menu.

The DIY Double Decker recipe has received over 85 five-star reviews, with comments like “probably the best taco I’ve ever had,” “very good and fun to make,” and “what a great way to keep tacos from crumbling in your hand!”

Alternatively, you may use this trick to purchase a Double Decker Taco from Taco Bell at any time of year!

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