8 Bell Bottoms Inspired by Lainey Wilson at the Country Music Awards

The Country Music Awards have always been a showcase for both musical talent and legendary design choices.

At the forefront of this sartorial presentation is Lainey Wilson, whose distinct style has prompted a rebirth of one of fashion history’s most nostalgic trends: bell bottoms.

This article goes into eight bell bottom styles inspired by Wilson’s unique style, which combines vintage ’70s flair with modern sensibilities.

The classic denim flare.

The classic denim flare, inspired by Wilson’s traditional yet daring attitude, has become a wardrobe essential.

These bell bottoms have a high waist, a progressive flare, and a light wash that recalls the typical ’70s look. Wear them with a fringed leather jacket and cowboy boots to complete the country music look.

Embroidered Elegance

Lainey Wilson’s performance clothes reflect her love of meticulous detailing. Embroidered bell bottoms with floral or western designs lend an air of luxury and individuality.

These pants are ideal for people want to make a statement while remaining discreet and classy.

Sequinned Showstopper

Sequined bell bottoms are inspired by Wilson’s more glamorous styles and are ideal for folks who enjoy being in the spotlight.

These pants, which shine under stage lights, are perfect for a night out or a performance. The trick is to keep the appearance simple with a top that lets the pants show.

Leather Luxe.

Leather bell bottoms make a dramatic statement, evoking Wilson’s rougher side. They add a rock ‘n’ roll edge to the country music landscape. Pair them with a studded belt and a vintage tee to achieve a rebellious yet stylish style.

Pastel Perfection.

Pastel colors soften the bell bottom trend, creating a more feminine and delicate look. Inspired by Wilson’s whimsical and softer appearance, these pants in lavender, mint, and baby blue add a new and modern spin to the nostalgic design.

Velvet vibes.

Velvet bell bottoms are sophisticated and reflect Wilson’s luxury taste. These pants are both attractive and comfy, making them ideal for long award ceremonies or performances. Pair them with a silk blouse for a look that exudes elegance and ease.

Pattern Play.

Lainey Wilson enjoys experimenting with patterns, and you can too with patterned bell bottoms.

These pants, whether in vivid stripes, psychedelic designs, or traditional paisley, are for individuals who dare to be unique. They work best with solid colors to make the design stand out.

White Wonder.

Finally, influenced by Wilson’s clear and clean style, white bell bottoms make a strong statement. They are ideal for summer concerts and outdoor activities. These can be worn with a denim jacket for a casual style or a sequined shirt for a more glam look.


Lainey Wilson’s effect on dress, particularly bell bottoms, at the Country Music Awards reflects her standing as a style icon.

Each of these eight designs provides a unique approach to incorporate her appearance into your wardrobe, merging nostalgia from the 1970s with current trends.

Whether you prefer classic denim flares or colorful sequins, Wilson’s broad and dynamic fashion sense has inspired a style for everyone.

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